All children at Roundhill learn through a play based curriculum, centred around the child’s interests and stage of development. This is done through a well resourced, stimulating environment. We follow the EYFS the Early Years Foundation Stage. When you choose Roundhill as a choice of childcare you will be provided with an overview of the EYFS, which gives a clear explanation of how we help children to learn and develop. Within Roundhill we ensure that all welfare requirements, regulated by OFSTED are met at all times.

We know that the experiences a child has in their early days has a huge impact on their future. With this in mind we ensure that all children are supported to reach their full potential in a caring and safe environment with friendly and dedicated staff.

We plan for each individual child through keeping a learning Journey of development. This can be through our online Tapestry system or our paper version. A child’s learning journey is a record of a child’s learning and development throughout the

Early Years Foundation Stage, this record will be built up over your child’s time at nursery and will show many achievements. Your child’s key person will tailor activities and experiences to the child’s individual needs and records of observations/ photos from these

activities will be recorded in the child’s learning journey.

Records kept in your child’s learning journey will consist of;

• Observations
• Annotated photographs and significant examples of your child’s work • Snapshots of significant achievements
• Quotes from your child where appropriate
• Comments from you, the parents/carers
• Contributions from other settings your child may attends
• Contributions from other professionals
• Baseline Assessments/2 year old check
• Individualised planning
• Transition Booklets