Baby Room

Our home from home Baby Room is situated on our first floor facilitating 6 babies and equipped with lots of sensory and soft furnishings as well as natural materials. In our baby room there is a range of toys from puzzles, books, push button toys, role play, building blocks, shape sorters and musical instruments to stimulate babies interests and senses. We have one carpeted area and a laminate area where we can create cozy corners for quiet time and rest periods and on the other side, we can get messy with sand, water, paint, gloop, jelly and cooked pasta. These activities are hugely beneficial and offer stimulating experiences for babies. Our babies move down to our toddler room when they are developmentally ready after they reach the age of 20-24 months. We will start settling in sessions into their new room as we would when children start nursery, slowly with their key person there by their side to help them through the transition.


Our toddler room is equipped with everything our developing 2-3 year olds need. Our toddlers have their own toilet facilities and changing area to ensure we can help them through the potty training phase when they are ready. Our toddlers have access to the garden through their own door, where we encourage free flow between indoors and out. As with our babies, we have a messy play area and carpeted area where children can get messy with sand, water, paint, gloop, cooked pasta and also have rest during the day if they need it. When appropriate to the ages and stage of the children we try to incorporate a little structure to the day, with self-registration to help the

children to identify their name. We encourage independence throughout the nursery. Our toddlers are encouraged to find their own belongings by having their own peg. We emphasise the importance of good personal hygiene such as hand washing. Our toddlers are encouraged to be kind to their friends, sharing and caring about each other. When our toddlers are ready they will transfer to our Pre-School room. We always try to ensure that children transfer through the nursery with at least one of their friends.


In our Pre-School room & Garden room we start to incorporate elements of school readiness, meaning we aid each child’s independence through encouraging children to dress themselves, toileting independently and self-serving of food and drinks.
The Pre-School room is equipped to provide a stimulating environment with everything labelled at the children’s level so that the children can self select activities. Activities are based around children’s interests and development needs, incorporating all areas of the EYFS. We encourage problem-solving, incorporate phonics, letters and sounds, number and basic writing skills.


The garden area is fully secure with lots of space for children to explore. We have a construction area, role play, physical, a mud kitchen, maths and literacy incorporated, and a planting area, our story corner is equipped with a wooden tipi and logs or seating. The children are encouraged to use the garden in all weathers.

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